Aug 7, 2015

Script for Deleting object in Blender

To delete 'Cube' object:
from bpy import data, ops
cube = data.objects['Cube'] = True

Jul 29, 2015

Blender 3

1. What are three basic transformations of an object?
Changing location (grab in Blender), size (scale in Blender), and rotation (rotate in Blender).

2. Where can we find the numerical values for these quantities?
Selecting the object and bringing up the Properties region with the N hotkey. The three values are at the top, and may be changed.

3. What are the hotkeys for grab, scale and rotate?
They are G, S and R.

4. When are Global and Local angles the same?
When the object has not been rotated.

5. How can you use the 3D Manipulator?
By clicking on the colored lines on selected object.

6. How can you switch manipulator modes?
By clicking on the blue arc icon on header to activate Rotation manipulator mode, and by clicking on the button with the icon of a line connecting to the corner of a square to activate the Scale mode.

7. What hotkey sequence rotates selected object 30 degrees in global z?
It is R, Z, 30 and Enter.

8. What is the hotkey for changing level?
The M hotkey, and a numeric for the level.